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That's such a cute intro.
I have no complaints. Keep it going. :)) <3

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BlueOceans responds:


Actually very good for a beginner.
You are now scouted, by the way. KEEP it like this. USE what you know already. Learn a genre one at the time before jumping genre to genre so you know of techniques, etc. (That's my advice)

There are parts missing in your track. It felt kind of empty. Keep learning!
I don't know how to make dubstep, so I can't help much. All I know, it's not a hit dubstep song yet. It needs more to the sound than you have now!


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DiscardGD responds:

Thank you so much. I will try my best to keep on improving. Now I've been scouted I see that I do have a bit of potential to make some good audio so I will keep trying.

I will take your suggestions into consideration - thanks for the advice. :D

Keep practicing!

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I can see you're starting out. Is this a little test?
Well, it's not exactly a tune nor a song. But you're just starting out in your music journey. Continue making drum and bass to continue working yourself up so that you can used to the system.

You could also continue to learn mixing and mastering while doing so (much easier).

Keep going!! <3

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DiscardGD responds:

Thank you for the feedback. Yes, this was just a little test beat, as it's my first time using FL Studio.

I will look into mixing and mastering for possibly my next upload. Thanks!

Great piano, great hihats. Though, the kick I can't hear very well. That's the only flaw. I am glad to see you improve on your compositions kills! :)

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Very promising.

What's the singer's vocal range, btw? Do you know?

Possibly responds:

Sorry, missed this - erm not sure on the range - not the widest.

I love seeing improvement on your composition skills!
See, it gets a lot easier to make good melodies once you've start getting used to a piano roll. :))

---If you wanna learn about melodic notes, which can pop out melodies even more and make people go "OH MY GOD!" message me because those are always great things to use in melodies and should be used! :)

An example of a melodic melody is YOHIO-Without Wings an orchestra piece using a Japanese composition system.

Good, but this is illegal to put on since you've used copyrighted materials (the vocals).

DJPopFizz responds:

except for the fact that it was a released studio acappela.

The synth at 1:03 is way too heavy, and it takes out the bass completely.

But overall, it's pretty.

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TastyTeo responds:

It was meant to be like that, i loved that effect, so it's ok if you didn't like it, because i loved it xD


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