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Before I Tell You What's Up, Let Me Tell You A Story

As a teenager, I had a dream to compose music, and write songs. It was overwhelming, and so I began studying music and ended up making a few beats that were meh. 11 years later, I started selling music to YouTubers, and indie-game developers on a freelance platform I am not going to name.

On this platform, I found a few red flags -

  1. hiring for services, but get paid in exposure...putting helpers above new sellers.
  2. mods reading DMs between seller and buyer.
  3. taking too much money from sales.
  4. charging buyers fees.
  5. scamming big sellers for thousands of dollars.

I had enough. After learning what this site had done to their sellers, and nitpicking their sellers. I decided to leave.

How I Learned This

One day on this platform, I decided to join the forum community. Within the forums, they were hiring moderators but will not pay in money, but paid with exposure. At first, I thought it was fair until I learned that this will actually knock down the room for new sellers who are struggling with advertising. People who get the most sales either provide services to this platform, were moderators, or founding members.

Buyers typically look for services that are right in front of everybody else. I figured this was an unfair advantage to the rest of the sellers who were equally as talented and trustworthy as they were. It's hard to say if these sellers earned their spots for their volunteer work. But it is easy to say, it is unfair as this was an opportunity for freelancers to get jobs.

After continuously using this platform, one day I came on and my gig was gone. The message I received was that I must not include that I had many perfect scores from a few of my customers. After I took that bit out and adjusted the unproblematic description of my gig, it was denied. Angered, and confused, I had to contact them directly. This staff member, someone who actually got paid for working there apologized and stated they did not know why my gig was deleted in the first place. My gig was republished, and accessible to my customers.

After weeks of not receiving customers, I started to increasingly dislike this platform. I didn't like that people were eyeballing my interaction with buyers. I didn't like having chunks of money taken out of my sales. I didn't like that people were put before me when they clearly did not build their gig themselves. So I started to research for people who also disliked this platform.

Then I found a YouTuber who freelanced filming meme videos. A top seller on this platform, and became an official to this platform. However, their entire account was permanently deleted from this platform with vague reasoning. "Asking for people's credit card information" After he appealed this, it was denied. After accepting the platform did not understand meme jokes, and got downright ghosted from this company, he demanded that buyers were refunded for their orders and that the rest of his sales were paid.

This platform refunded the buyers, but not the fees. This platform also did not give this man's money back!

What I Decided To Do About It

There was no way I could support this platform anymore. They've taken so much of my money. They've put volunteers above me. They deleted my gig. And they have stolen thousands of dollars. So I deleted my account with them.

But, I needed to freelance. It was good extra money. So, I started my own platform. An entire website is dedicated to me. But, I realized...not every buyer is looking for me. They might be looking for a different quality...

I have friends who are freelancers that are looking for work. And I know people are looking for freelancers - but, I didn't want another freelance platform. I wanted a platform where eyes stay out of DMs. I wanted a platform where freelancers feel like it's their business. I wanted a platform that focused on being a library of freelancers and HELPED freelancers with the necessary tools. I wanted a platform where freelancers felt like they had opportunities. I wanted a platform where freelances had a chance! So, I am making that happen.

NO FEES, NO CHARGES. Runs on donations. Safe for your WORK.

What's Up?

I am building a platform that focuses on freedom, fairness, and being a hub for buyers and sellers.

If you are a freelancer and would like to be included in a database with other freelancers please DM me, and I will invite you to our community.

If you are a buyer and would like connections to freelancers, please DM me and I will bring you to our community.

Thanks for reading the whole thing. Much love!



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