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2017-08-21 06:41:44 by Riy0

Do you like anime or Japanese culture? Well, I compose Japanese-sounding songs. When I say Japanese sounding I mean for people who don't know music terms. Really, I compose from Japanese scales which gives my song that sound which is usually heard from westerners through anime or JRPGs. 

Well, if you like anything from above that I have mentioned give me a chance and help make my dream come true. All I want is to know you are there. It helps me to continue this journey. I really wanna make it through my project, and I am reaching out to any who are willing to listen to my music. I put a lot of soul into it! In return if you need anything for me to see of your work I will do so. 

I am also seeing that the Audio Portal is alive and well. :) 


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