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Visual Kei cured my depression, but...

Posted by Riy0 - 8 days ago

Visual Kei cured my depression, but it's dying:

When I was younger at the age of 15, my parents split up. I was the second youngest if you consider my step sister. My older brother and sister moved. I was the only sibling left, and loneliness put me in a depressive state of mind. I resort to online gaming and communities. I felt less lonely this way. I also played with FL studio a lot, and did a decent job with electronica music. One a day a friend showed me a Jrock song called Sky Limit by Yohio. It was shocking to see a man look prettier than most girls. His voice was very iconic. It was like an anime in live action. I then discovered his band, Seremedy. I was so inspired by this movement. The movement that is Visual Kei.

I wanted to express myself, and bring out the characters that were inside. I studied exotic music, and learned more about compositions until It match to what I wanted out of it. I then went onto vocals. All of this took 8 hours in my room, for a couple of years. I then created a persona of myself; Yukki Honoka. My alter-ego.

Life was great, until the views of new release of visual kei went down from millions to thousands. Many bands were disbanding including Seremedy. YOHIO created his own record label, but that failed to succeed. Eventually YOHIO stopped releasing new music until very recently, and it's the same. It's came clear to me that he's trying to reach westerner audience more.

I am the only soloist, visual-kei artist on NG, knowningly. There's a former visual-kei band called Tamala Park Book Club who are no visual rock artists. Having to give up the movement would put me in a bad place. I already been off and on depressed determining what is the point.

What can I do to help?

Visual-Kei formed because Japan is the biggest uniformed country. If you were going to work, chances are you are wearing a uniform. This movement is about expressing inner character. It is a very important movement. If you could please spread the word about me and my friends over at Tamala Park Book Club, that'd be great. (And if you could include that we're visual-kei artists, that'd be awesome).

Listen to visual-kei artists on spotify. Tamala Park Book Club and I have our own spotifies. If you can search us on there you can stream our music and we'll be paid by the ads. Share our links from NG, spotify, apple music, YouTube, we would appreciate you.