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Back To Music With Brand New Ideas!

2014-01-23 21:13:01 by Riy0

I've been inspired into a different genre of music.


My plans for my next songs are going to be orchestra music, Jrock music, dance music, insrtumental music; with a new techinque that I developed in my voice called "Vibrato" which will make people like my singing more!  What is vibrato? Vibrato is just magic.  It's singing one note with two pitches, but not sounding off pitch/key.  It sounds like you're singing one bitch but with some kind of wavy sound from your voice NATURALLY!  Real vibrato for a voice is just beautiful and known to make people cry!  I just love YOHIO's use of vibrato.  He followed the number one style of singing in Japan, and he got big because of copying the style.  He has his own vocaloid which is called YOHIOloid.


A song you wanna watch out for is called "My Heart Says", my first Jrock song. It's going to be formatted like Sky Limit by YOHIO.  I am not copying, I am inspired by the song and adding my own ideas.  It's going to have a totally different melody of course.


After that song, I am going to do an orchrestra peice, and then finally a Hands Up song.  Many more songs after that, that I've already written but need to decide genres for it.  An instrumental peice will come out later soon after.  This will all be on my VERY first album.


I've promised many albums when I was named Lein. But I've learned so much from this past year that I am ready, ready for an album, finally!!



I am recording in my nearby studio, but will not have an official release on My Heart Says (maybe).  It really depends on how much we get done with the song.  Lots of adjustments, arrangements, and formatting needs to take place.  I have a small 'midi' demo of my song which will not be released until the song has been recorded fully, meaning it will be an official track.  You will not hear much of vibrato (again, maybe) in this song (very fast notes).  But there will be areas with vibrato, if you even care about it as much as I do.  I really hope you'll enjoy it!!!  I am glad to be back on NewGrounds with all new ideas instead of my boring old ones.  It was getting boring, dance music that is.  I need to get out there and get into mroe music, which I've loved a lot of music.  But just ended up with dance music, because of liking Cascada so much at the time.  But I promise, you will love all of my tracks and won't be disapointed.


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