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Am I dumb?

Posted by Riy0 - July 23rd, 2019

So I made this account years ago, and I don't even know how to pronounce my stage name anymore.

I think it's supposed to be Rye-ee-oh. But I don't know - am I dumb for have forgetting?

Also, how would you pronounce it? Please help.



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no, if you were dumb you wouldn't even be asking

Yay. Lol.

So.. what the fuck have you actually done?
I see your comments on my stuff and you have not one piece of work that I can actually listen to....
The one piece that has vocals is some kind of asian art form and the rest is crap!
So... what have you done?

Hi Johnny. Thanks for your feedback.
So 2 tracks on my paylist were actually sold for a game called Reyd.io (80 bucks each). There's one.
The one with vocals is actually one of the only finished products. The accomplishment I guess on that track is reached 1850+ listens on newgrounds, and was approved to be listed on apple music and spotify.
In the future once I get more songs recorded is to do same, but actually start performing them live.

Hope this answers your questions. Have a good night.

@johnnyq1233 do you feel proud of that comment? Ryo asked a simple question and you came in with an utterly foul attitude and with a comment that has nothing to do with said question. Either comment something actually useful or go away.

Ps, I checked your profile out. You're one to talk with your nasally flat voice.

I've been pronouncing it as Rio, like, as in "Rio De Janeiro"

Same now ever since I came back to this profile.


You and Ziggy should get together...You guys, like complete each other's sentences!
Ziggy... You knew how to pronounce her stage name!!!! that helped her get back on her account!
Think about your new family name.... Rio Ziggy, or Zigrio, or Ziggy rio! The possibilities are endless.
Just know this... the children you might have , would be music virtuosos, like Brahms, Chicovsky or Elton John!
Best of luck to you both

@johnnyq1233 If you continue with these comments, site mods and staff will be notified. This is your first warning.

@johnnyq1233 the most insulting thing about your "comeback" was how you slaughtered the spelling of Tchaikovsky

If you can pronounce katakana, I tend to read it as リーヨ

@Ziggy97 I guess spell check messed up?
My bad!

Thank you for the warning.