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I love you all

Posted by Riy0 - July 15th, 2019

This week has been one of the best when it involves my music. I started back when I was 14. I am 23 years old now. I always made instrumentals (and my first pieces were 🗑) Then when I turned 16 I wanted to sing my songs. I wasn't good but I thrivwd to try harder. After school I studied singing and music composition. I discovered new music and sound, visual kei where I was inspired by YOHIO. I always liked music in this sound so I wanted to start making music this way. I learned piano, finally. My voice got better, and my compositions improved. I had one problem. Equipment. I had no money to record. Although I trid using my phone...the quality just wasn't there. So all of my songs were left unfinished and I lost hope. Then I got motivation a month ago to finish Dreaming of You a song I wrote in 2014 after I graduated H.S. I posted a demo and you all had a lot to say about it. Over compressed, the rhythm was off, and the vocals were too harsh. I felt down but I knew the skills were still there I just had to try harder. So I came out with the official version. So many listens and it made me feel overwhelmed and happy. I always wanted people to hear me. I want to inspire and motivate people like YOHIO did to me. Thank you all who shares the song around because if it wasn't for you guys, I wouldn't have many listens. Thanks fpr the chance to be on popular audio. I want to make music my job. Right now I can confirm I am on spotify just search Riy0 dreaming of you and you'll find me. I never thought spotify would actually approve my song to be on their store, and it shocked me when I saw myself on there. I am not sure if I am allowed to direct link yall there but if you can add me to your playlist, and share me on spotify so I can get a decent follow and keep uo with new music that'd be awesome. I love you all for giving me a chance.

Also thanks to all who have critiqued the quality who made aware that the mix was really bad. If I didnt have the extra ears I wouldnt know what I was doing.

I have someone who is willing to help me with guitars so new song is in the works. I am not sure if I'll release full tracks on ng anymore to give my spotify a point but I will still post previews if I do decide not to.